Billing Principals

We are a PRIVATE  Billing practice, It is an individual doctor's choice whether they bulk bill or private bill.

Payment is required to be made at the end of your consultation.


FEES - From 1st July 2022

CONSULTATION                                     FEE                                                         REBATE                                       

LEVEL A  - Short consulation                 $45 (private)   $40 (pension)                    $18.95

LEVEL B - Standard consultation           $80 (private)  $70 (pension)                     $41.40

LEVEL C - Long consultation                 $125 (private) $115 (pension)                   $80.10

LEVEL D - Extended Consultation         $170 (private) $160 (pension)                   $118.00


Procedural appointments incur a procedure fee which is explained at the time of booking.  There is also and  facility fee that is a non rebatable fee (pls see below).

Some Extra Investigations will incur a cost - ECG, Pregnancy Tests, Spirometry, Audiometry



Facility Fees - Biopsy                                       $60                               No Rebate

Facility Fee - Excision                                       $90                              No Rebate

These fees are an approximate depending on the size of the procedure.


There is a fee for Non Attendence without notice and a valid reason $25 for a 15 minute appointment and $50 for a 30minute appointment.