Patient Survey Results

Patient Survey Results

Back in May 2019, you may remember being asked to complete an anonymous patient survey. This survey was a chance for you to provide feedback to our practice and enable us to improve the service we provide to you and now the results are in…..

Our highest performing areas were

  • Communication and interpersonal skills of admin staff – Results 82% with the practice average being 79%
  • The reception staff are helpful 86% with the average being – Results 77%
  • The Clinical team respected me – Results 79% average 79%

This was very positive feedback and we thank you for this, our team will continue to work hard on providing the best service that we can.

Our Lowest Performing areas were

  • Everything ran on time - Results 16% the average is 36%
  • I am able to see a doctor quickly when I need – Results 30%  the average 48%
  • It is easy to make an appointment for a day and time that suits me – Results 38% the average 52%

These are common issues that we often have; we conducted a practice meeting where all our staff discussed these results and brainstormed how we can improve for you, our outcomes were

  • Everything ran on time - Improve patient communication = Informing patients when the Doctor is running behind on arrival, if the Doctor wait time increases we will update the patient on the continued wait time. Also reminding patients that wait times are often out of our control (Emergencies arise)
  •  Easy to make an appointment for a day & time that suits me - We have a certain number of appointments reserved to use on the day and not before, we will increase the number of appointments we reserve.
  • Able to see a Doctor quickly when needed – Our practice policy is that we will ALWAYS see a sick child, if your child is sick, call the practice and our Nurse will Triage the urgency and will organise a Doctor to see your child if needed. If you believe you urgently need to see a Doctor and we are booked out our reception staff will put you through to our nurse who again will triage and organise an appointment if needed, our Doctors do their very best to see Urgent cases but there may be times where you will be required to attend the Emergency department at the hospital

Thank you again for participating in our survey, please remember that if you have feedback for us, you can provide this through our suggestions box in the waiting room or directly to our staff.