Dr Rawa Fadheel


Dr Rawa Fadheel has been in general practice for the last 10 years .  Rawa moved from Auckland - NewZealand to Melbourne in 2003, since then she was working in Melbourne- Victoria and she gained a lot of experiences in both hospital and general practice domain. 

Rawa will be with the practice until February 2020

Rawa is experienced in most domains of general practice , she usually likes the challenge in dealing with most complex cases in general practice 

her passion mainly are : woment's health , mental health , dermatology and Geriatric medicine .

Dr Fadheel is a Registrar, A Registrar is a qualified Doctor who has chosen to specialise as a General Practitioner, in the same way that a surgeon or paediatrician completes further studies to specialise in their field.  Registrars are qualified Doctors who have completed their medical degree and done a minimum of two years training in a public hospital where they gained exposure to a wide range of clinical situations including surgery and emergency medicine.